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Hello everybody! My name is Tess and I am a Cavachon!

I am 5 years old and my role at is making sure we have lots of happy customers working in customer service.

I am very friendly chatterbox and love talking to people on the phone all day, which makes my job in customer service perfect for me!

I take a lot of pride in my work, and I am always here to answer any queries and solve any problems you may have. 

Should you need to, you can contact me at  

Or call on 01706 345349.

Working in customer service I see myself as the face of the business, so I need to look my best. When I am not working, I love a pamper and getting my nails done with the other Cavachon girls! My nail tech uses the pet nail clippers I got her from They have a safety gauge and locking system which ensures a safe nail trim!  


To go with my beautiful nails, I need a winning smile. I keep my teeth and gums clean and healthy by nomming on a Bamboo Dental Chew which reduces the build up of plaque making my teeth dazzling white. Chew toys also strengthen the jaw - and everyone wants a fabulous jawline!


Finally, I need to look after my luscious locks. To do this I use the double-sided pin bristle brush. This removes my undercoat. It also detangles and smooths my coat without damaging my precious skin, keeping my fur looking beautiful and healthy!


After a day of working, I like to come home and relax on my Linen Pet Cushion. It is both comfortable and stylish and matches my hoomans home décor purr-fectly.

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