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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for many - lets make sure it is for your dog too!

Do Dogs enjoy Christmas? The answer is they can do! But just like us humans they can find Christmas Stressful as well. We have put together a few helpful tips to help you and your Dog have a enjoyable and safe Christmas.

1.Let your dog open their own presents! 

Start the day with a bit of fun! Get your dog a Christmas present, wrap it up in pet safe wrapping paper and let them open them themselves on Christmas Day!

Need some Dog Present inspo? We have a fantastic range of Christmas Gifts for Dogs, Christmas Dog Toys and Dog Christmas Outfits. 



2. Dress up for the occasion!

Make sure your dog matches the rest of the family and get them their own Christmas Jumper! If your dog enjoys dressing up you could have a cute photo shoot in some  Reindeer Antlers or a Christmas Tree Hat - memories to keep forever! 


3.Give them a Christmas Dinner

There's no reason why your dog shouldn't enjoy a Christmas Dinner like the rest of the family. Just make sure you avoid dangerous foods and give it them in moderation. 

Whilst Onions, Gravy, Stuffing and Garlic are a no go, there are some parts of a Christmas dinner your dog can enjoy on Christmas Day.

They can eat a little plain white meat such as Turkey or Chicken  (make sure there are no bones!)

Your Dog will also enjoy vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, peas, swede and green beans are all safe for dogs but give them in moderation as they can cause a stomach upset. 

A very small amount of mashed or boiled potatoes are okay as long as they haven't been cooked in butter, salt, garlic or onions.

To learn more about toxic foods for dogs please see this list from ASPCA 

Alternatively you could add a bit of Christmas Dinner to your Dogs Day with these Food Themed Plush Dog Toys such as Dog Sprout Toy


4. Go for a Christmas Walk.

Christmas is such a busy period it's hard to find the time to do everything. Despite the busy period and the cold, darker nights It's important to remember your dogs favourite time of the day - walkies! 

The fresh air and exercise is as good for you as it is your dog after all those extra Christmas Puddings. If you do venture on a night time dog walk make sure your dog can be seen, whether it be a hi-vis coat, flashing or reflective collar or a reflective lead

Once you get back from your winter walks, you can wrap up warm on the sofa with your furry best friend, a snuggly blanket and watch a Christmas Film together!  

Dog curled up on a christmas blanket under the tree


5. Visitors!

Are you hosting Christmas this year? Having more people and children running around the home can be daunting and tiring for your dog. 

After a few hours of entertaining guests we all want a bit of respite from the mad family, well so does your dog! Set up their bed in a calm, quiet room so they can escape from the festivities for a snooze should they want to. 

The opposite can happen too, whilst you are busy entertaining your guests the dog can often get forgotten about. Keep your dog entertained with a long lasting chew toy or an interactive dog toy. These Hide & Seek toys are perfect for Christmas! 

 We hope these tips help you and your pet to have a Merry Christmas! 



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