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Happy International Dog Day from all over our canine colleagues at Smart Pet Shop! We thought we’d put a little blog together to let you know all about international dog day, where it started and how you can be a bigger part of it.

Back in 2004, author and dog trainer, Colleen Paige began her campaign in support of animal welfare advocacy as well as adequate pet lifestyle within families in the US. The significance of the date comes from the date Collen adopted a 10-year-old rescue dog named ‘Sheltie’ from her local animal shelter, and it was later acknowledged as in international holiday in 2013. Paige’s work and care for all animals is now recognized globally as she also founded other national holidays in the US such as National Cat Day and National Wildlife Day.

international dog day logo

The day itself serves as a reminder that we should not take our furry friends for granted and that all animals, both domestic and wild should be respected and treated with kindness. In many countries today, most animals do not have the same rights as they would in the UK or US and many are left to roam and fend for them selves in the streets. International Dog Day is important to remind everyone all over the world that they can play a part in ensuring that all pets and wildlife are treated well, whether it’s donating to animal charities or going as far as to adopt 10 dogs from a shelter, provided you’re able to care for them. Take today as an opportunity to spoil your pooch with a new toy or even a full hamper, just to remind them how important they are.

toy hamper

There’s more work to be done and there are still many pets in need. Being aware of the problem is half the battle and we must act to ensure that the issue does not persist. Do your part by helping locally in pet shelters, which are always happy to accept donations of blankets, cushions and more. All you need to do is reach out!

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