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Hi, I’m Ronnie a one year old Cavapoo!

I am the Director of I am also the Director of cuteness!

Now I have celebrated my first birthday, I can look back on the products I found the best for my first puppy year and help other Cavapoo puppies on their training journey.

The most important thing you can do when bringing home your new friend is making sure they feel safe, secure and welcome in their new home. I have put together a few of my essential items to help them get settled in and you can buy them together in a Puppy Hamper. The New Puppy Hamper includes a soft grey bed, a warm blanket, puppy training pads, rainbow poo bags and a snuggly comforter! This should get you started!


Toilet training is a key part of getting a puppy and you will go through lots and lots of toilet training pads! That’s why I have put our toilet training pads on a multi-buy offer so that you can save time and money by buying them in bulk for a discount! That leaves more time to play with your puppy and more money to spend on tasty treats and toys!


After I had my initial training on puppy toilet pads the hoomans decided it was time to teach me to go outside. They did this by using the Artificial Grass Puppy Training Mat, this got me used to going to the toilet on grass and now I am a pro at going outside!


Puppies need to go to the vets often for jabs and check-ups, this means lots of car trips! It is the law to keep your pet on a seat belt or restraint whilst driving. I kept safe in the car using the universal pet seat belt which was attached to my harness!


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