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Helllooo I’m Dylan the Staffie!

I am an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier and I am the Warehouse manager!

I take work seriously and keep the staff in check making sure everyone is working hard and has a high-vis on.

At home, I’m the opposite. I’m very laid back, soft staffie and love nothing more than putting my dressing gown on and sitting in-front of the TV watching Hollyoaks. (Don’t tell my staff that!)


I love to play football and have organised a 5 a side football team at Smart Pet Shop - Office vs Warehouse. Moby is our top scorer.   

We have lots of fun and get very muddy so at half time I have a quick rub down with the microfibre pet towel. Mine’s been personalised so it doesn’t get mixed up with the other lads on the field.  


I keep the waterproof dog pillow in the back of the car so I can have a well-deserved after-match snooze on the way home and my hoomans can easily remove the cover and wash it if it gets too dirty. I chose the blue colour to match my Team Colours, but it is also available in red and black.


When I get in from work or football I like to relax and unwind with a lovely warm bath and a groom. I use the 5 piece grooming hamper set to make sure all the dirt and any loose hairs are removed. I then have a quick run through my coat with the flea comb as you can never be too safe after playing with other dogs!


Finally, my hoomans have placed a microfibre noodle drying mat on the floor for after my bath which fast absorbs moisture to make sure I dry off properly and don't soak the whole house!

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