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How to keep your pet cool this Summer!

As we approach the seasons of warmer weather it’s important to think about how you are going to keep your pet cool, that’s why we have complied our top summer tips for dogs and cat owners!

To make sure your pooch gets all the exercise they need in the warmer weather make sure you take them on their walks when it is cooler in the mornings or in the evenings. Your dog can burn their paws on the pavement when out on walks.  If the pavement is too hot for your hands then it will be too hot for your dogs paws!

Make sure that you always take water with you on walks. These portable water bowls are perfect for outdoor travelling use and include a metal carabiner clip to easily attach to your bag or lead. 


If you notice that your dog lethargic in hot weather this could be due to heat stroke.  Never leave your pet in a hot car, conservatory, or caravan. When the outside temperatures reach 22°C they can quickly rise to 47°C which could cause severe heat stroke and even death.

If you think your pet has heat stroke contact your vet immediately. You can use cold towels on their head, back, neck and chest but use cool, not cold water as this could send them into shock. Your pet should drink small amounts of cool water.

If it is too hot to take your dog for a walk then you can use their energy and entertain them by using interactive toys. We have a large selection of interactive games such as puzzles, snuffle mats, hide and seek games & dispensers.

One of the best ways to cool a dog down in summer is to use a dog cooling mat. We have a large variety of dog cooling accessories here at that will keep your pet cool.



A Pet sprinkler is a fun way to keep your pet both entertained and cool. Simply connect it to your garden hose and your dog will run in and out and paddle!



To look after cats in hot weather make sure they have access to a cat cooling mat and plenty of cold water. Make sure you keep an eye on where they are so they don’t end up locked in a hot greenhouse or shed.



 All the Summer products are available to purchase in the Summer range on the website! 

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