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Hello humans and furry friends! My name is Django and I’m the coolest Yellow  Lab around town. I have just started my new job at the Smart Pet Shop as head of Canine Resources. I take my job very seriously and ensure all the pets are well looked after. During my breaks, I love to snack on treats which I keep fresh in my personalised treat tin. My treat tin is great because it has my name printed on front, so everybody knows not to steal my tasty snacks.

Being responsible for so many dogs, puppies, cats and kittens can be difficult, and I often need to take a time out to unwind from a long day. When I get home, my number 1 priority is to get as comfy as possible on my donut dog bed and snuggle up with my favourite plush flamingo.

Life as a yellow lab can also have its inconveniences, such as not being physically able to use a human toilet. This means I have to do my toilet time outside, so I have to remember to always pack my biodegradable poop bags before I head to work in the morning.

It’s my birthday soon and I’ve asked my humans if I can have a party with all my work friends. Luckily, we have plenty of birthday bandana and hat sets in stock to make it an extra funky gathering. I hope they treat me to a plush birthday balloon as well, I’ve been eyeing these up ever since we go them in stock. I've been a very good yellow lab this year so I think I deserve lots and lots of treats!

Birthday Hat and Bandana Set

Working at the Smart Pet Shop is the best thing ever, as not only do I get to see all of the new toys and beds that come in, but I can also have most of them personalised with my name on them.

Personalised Treat Tin

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