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Hello everyone I’m Honey the white pug! I’m a 6 year old white pug and I work as a Buyer here at Smart Pet Shop! My hoomans rescued me from a puppy farm 2 years ago just before the first lockdown. This meant when my hoomans were furr-loughed I got to spend all day everyday bonding with them -yay! I’m very attached to them now and love my new life as they spoil me rotten! My latest treat was our new rolling treat dispenser toy  which I have hours of fun with.

dog with toy

Life on the puppy farm was quite traumatic for me and my other white pug siblings as the conditions are terrible. Unfortunately, I picked up a nasty infection that resulted in me losing my eye, but that doesn't mean I can't see a yummy treat coming my way!

After lockdown I got this pawesome job at Smart Pet Shop! I love my job here as I get to search all the latest trends and pick the best to feature on our site. I particularly like the product testing stage; I choose only the best quality, fun toys and accessories for my doggo friends to enjoy!

dog in a bed

I am a fun-loving, feisty character and always have a spring in my step. My two moods are super snuggly and zoomies. I love long, muddy walks, trips in the car for puppaccinos and snuggling with my 3 pug siblings in a soft donut bed! My favourite toys are anything with rope in it, I’m currently nomm-ing my way through the plush birthday balloon from our birthday collection, that my hooman treated me to.

This summer me and my pug siblings are taking the hoomans on holiday so I’m eye-ing up the Ice Lolly Rope Toy to take with me. I can chew on him in between real ice lollies! Yum! Hopefully, the weather will be lovely like last year, but my siblings don't fair too well in the hot sun. So to keep extra cool this year we're taking our watermelon cooling mats from our summer range.

dog on cooling mat

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